Houston Money Week 2020 will be held April 4 – April 11, 2020.

Welcome, New Partner!

This part of the website is a dedicated place where everything related to your affiliation with Houston Money Week is stored. You can update your contact information, download forms (i.e. sponsorship), and sign up for volunteer activities all from right here.

Let’s Get Started!

Congratulations on joining the Houston Money Week family. Our first goal is the help make your transition a smooth one. To that end, here are a few things that we would like you to know prior to your first meeting.

HMW 2020 Structure:

Leadership Team and Advisory Board made up of a cross-section of community partners

142 community partners throughout the greater Houston area

Monthly Partner meetings for planning and networking


Where To Go and When

All Partner meetings are held monthly at the United Way Building, 50 Waugh Drive, Houston.

Upon arrival at the building, please park in the parking garage. Check the video screen near the information desk for the room location of the meeting.

Who To Contact

If you have any questions or need any help between now and the next meeting date, please contact the Communications Coordinator at askbenhoustonmoneyweek@gmail.com.