What is HMW About? 

Houston Money Week (HMW) is a community wide initiative to empower families and individuals with financial education. Through the collaboration and coordinated effort of organizations across Houston — including businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, nonprofits, government agencies and the media – individuals of all ages will have access to financial resources and ongoing opportunities.

Our Duty.

Houston Money Week raises awareness throughout the community about the importance of using financial products and services responsibly, managing money proactively and building skills that create a solid financial footing.

Our Mission.

Houston Money Week’s work is mission-driven, focusing on making an impact and working tirelessly to coordinate everyone’s efforts. Program goals are achieved through the collaboration and coordinated efforts. 

Our Future.

We seek to broaden the reach and duration of our impact. We are stepping up our efforts build lasting connections with Houstonians. An improved HoustonMoneyWeek.org website redesign is providing an easy-access, centralized place for information on every event in April. With the help of our dynamic partners, HMW will employ a mixed marketing strategy to publicize activities, leveraging public relations, television, radio, social media and print materials. We seek to keep our communications channels open, encouraging people to remain engaged with HMW resources throughout the year.