HMW Contests 2023


Your family faces a medical emergency. Due to this situation, you or your parent/guardian cannot work temporarily. Your family has little savings and must find ways to adjust spending. Given these changed circumstances…

1. How could your family adjust spending?

2. What action might you take to assist your family in this situation?

3. How can your family better prepare in the future for unexpected emergencies that have a significant financial impact?



Adult Contest
1st Place – $1,500
2nd Place – Chromebook 

High School Contest
1st Place – $1,500
2nd Place – Chromebook 

Middle School Contest
1st Place – $500


Participants must be:
• A student in grades 6-12, adult education learners or undergraduate college students, who live in the greater Houston area.
• Have knowledge of money management skills (decision-making related to spending and saving, investing, use of credit, etc.) appropriate for their age and grade level.
• Demonstrate how they practice good money management skills in their daily lives.

• Minor students must complete the entire application including teacher and parent information.
• Students must write an essay (500 words or less) on the assigned topic.
• Essays should be typed on plain white paper, double-spaced.
• The essay must be the work of the student submitting the essay.
• The essay and application must be completed online at the link below by Friday, March 31, 2023.


All essays become the property of Houston Money Week and may be used by Houston Money Week to promote financial education. All essays must meet the contest entry guidelines described above. Decisions of the judges are final in all matters relating to this contest. Contest judging determinations are at the sole and absolute discretion of the judges, and such decisions and determinations are not subject to further review or appeal by contestants. Because of the unique nature and scope of the contest, Houston Money Week cannot accurately predict the number of contestants who will participate in the Contest. Also, the Houston Money Week Team cannot individually confirm receipt of all essays. Winners will be individually notified and contacted via email, mail or phone. All winners will be posted on the official Houston Money Week website and social media pages. Winners will be announced at the Houston Money Week Partner Kick-Off Reception. Information regarding scores awarded by judges will not be available