HMW Award Winners

Houston Money Week is proud to announce the winners for 2021 HMW Contests and Awards!

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HMW 2021 Essay Contest Winners

2020 impacted everyone. Looking at the future, what lessons have you learned that you will use to
build a solid financial future?

Contest Winners:


Middle School:

  • 1st Place: Lauren Mitchell
  • 2nd Place: Hannah Suggs


High School:

  • 1st Place: Patrick McCann
  • 2nd Place: Kyla Mays
  • 3rd Place: Zachary Coady
  • 4th place: Lorelei Pittman
  • 5th place: Paige Green



  • 1st Place: Moesha Spikes
  • 2nd Place: Tamika Foster
  • 3rd Place: Sergio Romero-Robles

HMW 2021 Meme/GIF Contest Winner

‘Put your imagination and creativity to the test. Create a Meme or GIF about financial fitness and you may find yourself creating on a new laptop!’

Contest Winner:

Success Chikwem



HMW 2021 Difference Makers

Highlighting key organizations and individuals that helped make Houston Money Week a success!

Jonathan Lee

Melissa Marvin

Jenny Guzman