… will be held Saturday, April 15 – Saturday, April 22. This week-long free virtual campaign aims to help people better manage their personal finances with a focus on “Protecting Your Money and Protecting Your Family” as we all come out of the COVID era.

Houston, Texas

Words From Our Partners…

Houston Money Week’s work is mission-driven, focusing on making an impact and working tirelessly to coordinate everyone’s efforts. It’s such a powerful experience to sit on a team of dedicated individuals that are so passionate. Houston is truly a collaborative city!”
Rushka Tcholakova, United Way THRIVE
Houston Money Week is more than an event or a campaign; it is a trajectory-changing movement for so many people in the greater Houston area. Non-profit organizations, companies, and community leaders come together with one mission in mind. I’ve watched this initiative grow each year. The level of engagement is truly remarkable and we learn so much from each other and our community in the process.
Jennifer Guzman, Texas Capital Bank
I believe a solid financial education is the foundation of opportunity. People who master an understanding of good money management skills—and who commit to practicing those good habits—are building their own financial security and creating opportunities for themselves and the people important to them.”
Veronica Martinez, Whitney Bank

Collective Effort

Our Collaboraters

Passion 100%

Community Wide Initiative

Through the collaboration and coordinated effort of organizations across Houston and surrounding areas – including businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, nonprofits, government agencies and the media – individuals of all ages will have access to financial resources and ongoing opportunities.

Topics We Cover

Houston Money Week’s partner organizations come together each year to emphasize the importance of financial education, inform consumers where they can get help, and provide free educational seminars and activities. 

Programming is offered to all demographics and income levels. Workshops, seminars, and special events cover all facets of personal finance on such topics as:

  • Establishing a budget
  • Credit reports
  • Credit score awareness
  • Understanding net worth
  • Investing

What’s happening in HMW?

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

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